Is Taking a Childbirth Class a Good Idea?

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Three pregnant women's bellies, in first, second and third trimester of pregnancy, are in a fitness studio, for childbirth education class.

by Stephanie Larson 

Are you pregnant and planning to give birth? If so, you may be wondering if you should take a childbirth class. With so much information available online, it might seem like childbirth class isn’t necessary, but it’s actually more important than ever. In your grandmother or great-grandmother’s time, birth was considered a normal, healthy, life-event. Most babies were born at home, and it was a family and community occasion. Children and other relatives or friends were around birth frequently, and became familiar with the sights, sounds, and process of physiological birth. Birth learning happened organically.


For several decades now in many countries, birth has taken place mostly in hospitals. We’ve lost our communal exposure to birth, along with our community support of the birthing family. We’ve lost touch with the normalcy of this everyday miracle. Birth has become primarily associated with hospitals, and therefore illness, medical management, interventions, and hospital protocols. Surgical birth (cesarean) has risen around the world. In the US it has risen from 5% in the 1970’s to 32%.  Fear is prevalent. Most people giving birth today have never been present at a birth, which can make birth seem scary and unknown.


For many pregnant individuals, the idea of giving birth can be a source of anxiety and stress. Trying to piece information together yourself can be inaccurate and confusing. It may not be up-to-date on the latest research and recommendations. However, studies show that taking a childbirth class helps to alleviate pregnancy and birth fears. A childbirth class will ensure that you're getting accurate, evidence-based information. Childbirth education class provides you with the opportunity to learn about the process of childbirth in a supportive environment. It helps to build confidence and prepare you for the challenges of labor and birth. Taking a childbirth class will provide you with the up-to-date information and tools you need to feel prepared and empowered.


Childbirth class is a great way to learn about giving birth from experienced birth professionals. Get your questions answered and prepare for the incredible day you give birth to your baby. Taking a childbirth class is an easy way to meet others who are pregnant and going through this experience too. Talking to other pregnant parents can be very reassuring. The earlier you begin, the better, so you can get clarity on major decisions, like where to give birth (home, freestanding birth center, hospital birth center, or hospital) who will be your care provider (midwife or doctor), who else will be on your birth team (such as a doula) and what kind of birth you’d like to have (creating a birth plan).


In most childbirth classes, you'll learn about the different stages of labor and what you can do to manage birth naturally. You'll also get guidance on when to go to your birth place and how to know when you're in labor. Additionally, many childbirth classes cover topics like interventions (such as labor inductions, epidurals, IV’s, forceps, vacuums, cesareans) and breastfeeding. As your estimated due date comes closer, you will feel more prepared and confident to make informed decisions about your birth.



Dancing For Birth™ class is a childbirth education class that nurtures your healthy pregnancy during all three trimesters as it enhances your emotional and physical wellbeing. Your fears will disappear as you gain confidence in your ability to give birth and your capacity to enjoy birth.  Dancing For Birth™ is a revolutionary birth method with a twenty-year history of efficacy.   


Hoping for a smooth and easy birth? One of the special things about Dancing For Birth™ class is that you actually practice giving birth. We give birth with our bodies, so body-based birth learning is important. With our specially designed moves and techniques you’ll feel great during pregnancy and learn how to move during labor for a shorter, easier birth. Attending weekly is an incredible way to feel truly birth-ready.


Dancing For Birth™ is the only class that provides all three essential aspects of healthy pregnancy and postpartum: fitness, education and celebration. It'll quickly become the highlight of your week. Get fit with moves specifically designed for preconception, pregnancy and postpartum, while learning about and practicing for labor, birth and baby care. 


In Dancing For Birth™ class you’ll connect with your body, your baby, and your bliss. You’ll learn how to use gravity, movement, and instinct to have an easier birth. You’ll receive specialized prenatal fitness created by a birth professional, along with evidence-based childbirth and parenting education. Move, laugh, relax and celebrate among new friends as you get all your pregnancy and birth questions answered each week.


If you’re not sure if taking a childbirth class is right for you, Dancing For Birth™ offers your first class free, so you can come check it out and see what you think. Our classes are taught by experienced and certified instructors all over the world. You can find a Dancing For Birth™ class near you by visiting our website  For many pregnant women and pregnant individuals, childbirth class is the first step on their exciting  journey into parenthood, and it can be a valuable resource for both information and support.

Stephanie Larson is a leading world expert on vertical birth and supporting birth through movement and instinct. She is the Founder and CEO of Dancing For Birth™. She calls for an end to forced lithotomy position, and for a worldwide shift to primal, powerful, euphoric birth.

What's Dancing For Birth?
  • An evidence-based childbirth method based on our principles of movement, gravity, and instinct.
  • An approved continuing education professional training and advanced certification for birth and wellness professionals 
  • A world-renowned weekly parent class for preconception through postpartum taught by certified instructors on six continents. It's a fun and effective fusion of Prenatal Fitness, Childbirth Education, and Celebration.


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