Dancing For Birth™

Prenatal Dance & Birth Wisdom DVD

Savor Pregnancy and Enjoy Birth

This 75 minute DVD is a great prenatal workout combined with invaluable childbirth preparation wisdom, featuring Dancing For Birth™ Founder and birth expert Stephanie Larson. DVD, or Digital Version available.

Prenatal Dance & Birth Wisdom DVD Reviews

“Wow! I am sold! Fabulous!!” 

– Pam England, Founder, Author of Birthing From Within 

“If you want a truly uplifting experience while you’re pregnant, DANCE with this DVD. You’ll be so glad you learned these birth moves!” 

– Diana Paul, Director of the documentary film “Birth Day,” Executive Director of www.SageFemme.com

“Dancing For Birth™ will assist many pregnant women on their journey to a healthy, gentle, and peaceful birth. Thank you Stephanie Larson – you are an inspiration!”

– Simone Snyder, Mothering Magazine, International Childbirth Education Association

“Every pregnant woman should dance to this DVD and take these classes!”

– Suzanne Arms, Author, Founder and Director of Birthing The Future www.BirthingTheFuture.org