Sacred Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum


Looking for a unique way to celebrate your pregnancy? Honor this important transition in your life as a sacred rite of passage. Dancing For Birth™ class is designed to create beautiful memories and make lasting connections. You deserve to be celebrated and nurtured and to feel like a goddess!


Every Dancing For Birth™ class is designed to bring out the sacred nature of your journey through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Each class has elements of a mother blessing. In addition to childbirth education and specialized fitness, celebration is a big part of Dancing For Birth class. Birth preparation is more than learning facts and preparing physically. There are emotional and spiritual elements of birth and of becoming a parent. You need dedicated time and space for building your confidence and for experiencing your wide range of emotions.


Bonding with your baby doesn't have to wait until they are in your arms—it starts now, during pre-pregnancy and pregnancy. Caring for your precious newborn can be amazing and overwhelming at the same time. Come and be celebrated! Feel supported by others who are also experiencing this milestone. There's something magical that takes place when we circle together in Dancing For Birth class. You’ll love being together and creating lasting friendships with other pregnant and new parents. Preconception, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum are accompanied by many questions, and your Dancing For Birth Instructor is there for you each week.

“Dancing for Birth™ weaves together the elements of dance, communication, motherhood, and birth work in a beautiful, natural way.” -Tammy

Your Easy 5-Step Checklist for a Blissful Birth

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Mother Blessing


Did you know? In addition to (or instead of) a baby shower, you can plan a special event, sometimes called a Mother Blessing,  to celebrate this special time in your life. Whereas a baby shower is often focused on receiving items you need for your baby, in a mother blessing, the focus is on you, and surrounding you with inspiration, love, blessings, and support. You can contact a Dancing For Birth™ Instructor to request that they facilitate a mother blessing for you and your closest friends and family.