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Our Dancing For Birth™ Masterclass Series brings you powerful and engaging wisdom on a variety of topics, from global birth visionaries. Your host, Dancing For Birth™ founder Stephanie Larson, has dedicated 20+ years to bringing bliss to families all over the world through her fun and effective Dancing For Birth™ birth method and prenatal- postpartum class. Yes! Birth can be like this! 

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'Men's Secret Fears – Supporting Dad’s Journey Through Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Postpartumwith Guest Expert David Arrell
What are men really thinking? Come get the inside scoop on what dads are thinking and feeling during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. What secret fears do they tell other guys, but not you? What are their expectations of what pregnancy, birth and postpartum will be like?
To become great partners and fathers, men need our understanding and support. Join us as David Arrell, the author of Welcome to Fatherhood, reveals the life-changing journey that men take from pregnancy to parenthood. 
David Arrell is an Author, Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Men’s Coach currently living in Colorado Springs, CO. He is passionate about coaching men on how to more fully embrace and embody healthy masculinity, especially through the powerful modalities of partnership and
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