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Our Dancing For Birth™ Masterclass Series brings you powerful and engaging wisdom on a variety of topics, from global birth and parenting visionaries. Your host, Dancing For Birth™ founder Stephanie Larson, has dedicated 20+ years to bringing bliss to families all over the world through her revolutionary Dancing For Birth™ birth method and prenatal-postpartum class. Yes! Birth can be like this! 

 Featured Masterclass

'Understanding Stillbirth - Strategies for Prevention' Masterclass with Guest Expert, Dr. Lindsey Wimmer, Founder of Star Legacy Foundation

In this Masterclass, Guest Expert, Dr. Lindsey Wimmer, will delve into actionable strategies for stillbirth prevention, including prenatal care, maternal health initiatives, and advancements in technology.

This Masterclass aims to illuminate the often unspoken tragedy of stillbirth, honoring the lives lost and the families affected. Through an exploration of the latest research and insights into the factors contributing to stillbirth, listeners will gain a deeper understanding of this complex issue. 
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