Stephanie Larson

Stephanie Larson

Stephanie Larson is a leading world expert on supporting birth through movement and instinct and is the visionary Founder and Master Trainer of Dancing For Birth™, the prenatal and postpartum fitness and childbirth education fusion class that teaches simple moves for easier birth. She calls for an end to forced back-lying birth (lithotomy position), and for a worldwide shift to primal, powerful, euphoric birth and empowered parenting. A renowned international speaker, her speaking engagements and TV appearances include Gold Perinatal, Evidence Based Birth®, DONA International, Lamaze International, CAPPA, ICAN, CIMS, ICEA, CAPPA Canada, AWHONN, CBS, NBC and ABC.


Stephanie's Story

I have loved to dance ever since I was a child, so when I was pregnant with my first child I kept dancing until and even during my birth. Dance helped me connect to my own womanly strength and primal birth wisdom. It was such an empowering, ecstatic experience that I talked about it nonstop. But I quickly realized that my birth was unusual. I learned that many women expect to endure birth at best, but certainly not enjoy it. I heard many birth stories, most of which involved fear and trauma experienced by the mothers. This was when I first discovered my calling to create Dancing For Birth™ classes to help people celebrate pregnancy, look forward to giving birth, and become parents in the most effective and empowering way possible.
My years as a certified birth doula and childbirth educator gave me valuable hands-on experience with birth and showed me how powerful women are. My creative background as an artist and designer gave me the ability to re-imagine birth and make the discoveries that now enable Dancing For Birth™ class participants to experience joy and bliss during birth.


As a pregnant and new mom, I wanted more than ever before to be with other moms and babies. Dancing For Birth™ class is everything that I needed (but couldn’t find) along my mothering path: support and mentorship beginning at the time I first started thinking about wanting to have a baby and extending well into parenting; childbirth education and body-based learning for labor; mind-body-spirit prenatal and postnatal fitness and wellness; and a circle of vibrant women coming together to celebrate each other and this sacred and transformative rite of passage that is pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. It's my soul's calling to help parents and birth professionals have newfound confidence, joy, and ease during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.