Your Family is Growing

When you're having a new baby it stirs all kinds of feelings for you and your older children. You wonder "How can I possibly love this new baby as much as I love my first?" You hope they have a close bond, but how can you avoid sibling rivalry?  


Siblings Who Love Each Other

In Dancing For Birth™ class you'll learn how to involve your child in your pregnancy and birth so they can play an active role in the magic of their sibling’s arrival. This creates a strong bond even before birth. Each week your worries will be replaced with know-how that brings peace.

5 Vital Tips for Sibling Bonding

“My kids have such a close bond. It's precious to witness! I danced in class with one in my belly and one on my hip. Big brother helped during my birth and was so excited!”


- Ava

Sibling rivalry isn't inevitable. 

Sibling revelry is possible! 


-Stephanie Larson



What's Dancing For Birth™ Class?

Dancing For Birth™ is the only class that provides all three essential aspects of healthy pregnancy: Fitness, Education & Celebration. It'll quickly become the highlight of your week! Get fit with moves specifically designed for preconception, pregnancy and postpartum, while learning about and PRACTICING for labor, birth and baby care. 
You'll learn the Dancing For Birth™ birth method, including the KEYS to avoid labor pain and strain, and to ENJOY BIRTH. Increase your confidence for empowered, blissful birth and parenting. Awaken your own birth instincts. Decrease your risk of routine interventions such as induction, forceps, vacuum, episiotomy and cesarean birth. 
Come solo or bring your birth partner on Partner days so they can learn about birth and how to best support you. If your baby has a sibling we'll guide you on how to teach them about birth and new baby! You can even learn how to involve your child so they can play an active role in the magic of their sibling’s birth. Check out what a typical Weekly Class Includes.