Dancing For Birth™ Training and Certification Program

 “The Dancing For Birth™ method is by far one of the most creative and fun ways to assist with ensuring a smooth and uncomplicated delivery.” 


- Crisela, MSN, FNP-C (Master's of Science Nursing, Certified Family Nurse Practitioner) 

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The Evidence Shows - This Method Works!

Decreased Labor Pain, Increased Birth Satisfaction, Less Risk of Infants Needing Neonatal Intensive Care


The majority of births these days are fraught with long painful labors, failure to progress, and cesarean births. It doesn't have to be this way! Do you serve pregnant and new parents as a midwife, doula, nurse, doctor, childbirth educator, or as an instructor of yoga, dance, or fitness?


Learn the effective and evidence-based Dancing For Birth™ childbirth method. Discover our groundbreaking techniques, like The Larson Technique, to correct malposition including breech, 'Powerful Woman' to open the pelvic outlet, and 'Mighty Mama' to quickly resolve shoulder dystocia.


Optionally, Get Certified to teach Dancing For Birth™ Prenatal/Postpartum Class and provide fitness, education, and support in an all-in-one weekly class. This class is also a great way to provide group prenatal care.

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Earn Contact Hours

Our training provides up to 14 contact hours. These contact hours are accepted by organizations such as DONA International, Lamaze International, ICEA, NARM, and the American Nurses Credentialing Center 

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Attend a Training

Find a Dancing For Birth ™ Professional Training at a date and location that works for you. Trainings are live, global, offered in various languages, and you have a choice of in-person or virtual training dates 

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Host a Training

Do you have a group that is interested in learning this groundbreaking birth method and our original labor support techniques? Hosting a training gives you the advantage of bringing this impactful training to your location 

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