Dancing For Birth™ Presents: 
'Birth Story Medicine: How Story Shapes Experience' Masterclass 
with Guest Expert, Pam England, Author, Midwife, Founder of Birth Story Medicine 

When people share their birth stories with you, do you know what to say, what to listen for, and how to best help? 

In this illuminating Masterclass with renowned author, midwife, and mother, Pam England, dive into how to be an effective birth story listener. Compassionate listening and helping to bring resolution to a birth story goes beyond the birth itself, touching and transforming other aspects of the storyteller’s life. 
This Masterclass was previously recorded LIVE and is now available for instant access as a digital download.


Featured Expert - Pam England


Pam England is the renowned author of Birthing From WithinThe Labyrinth of Birth, and Ancient Map for Modern Birth.

She is currently working on her fourth book. 
She earned a Master’s degree in psychology/counseling from Antioch College with an emphasis on perinatal issues, and has been engaged in a four-decade study that has become the Birth Story Medicine philosophy and process. 

Initiating birth story mentors/listeners in this life-changing work is Pam's delight and her life purpose. Her website is 

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'Birth Story Medicine: How Story Shapes Experience'


In this powerful virtual Masterclass, Pam reveals:

  • A simple map of the journey of Initiation
  • How the stories we tell ourselves reflect our stage of Initiation

  • How we transform as we pass through the nine Birth Story Gates

  • How to begin a storytelling session

  • What to listen for in a birth story

  • Special considerations when listening to the partner's story 
  • Birth professionals, as witnesses, need birth story medicine to heal "moral injury"

  • Recorded Live
  • 1 Contact Hour from Dancing For Birth™ 

  • Duration: Approximately 67 Minutes

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