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You're ready to start planning your conscious conception and invite a new baby into your life, even if fertility has been a struggle up till now

I’m Pregnant

Whether this is your first baby or you're an experienced parent, you want to savor pregnancy and discover how to enjoy birth

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Your precious baby is finally here! A friendly community of other new parents and an experienced mentor makes a world of difference

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“During my pregnancy and labour I used the techniques I learned and WOW what a difference they made! I am pleased to say I had a beautiful and easy birth.” -VICTORIA

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"Dancing For Birth™ training is the best training I have done to improve my professional skills since I became a midwife 6 years ago.” -VALORIE

Our Values


In Dancing For Birth™ class you will feel completely welcomed and accepted for who you are as an individual. Please share your pronoun and your role in the birth and/or with the baby. If you have any special customs for pregnancy, birth and postpartum we’re happy to help you incorporate them into your experience. Dancing For Birth™ is committed to diversity, inclusion, and cultural awareness and we advocate for human rights, reproductive rights, birth rights and parenting rights, including anti-racism and pro-LGBTQIA+.


Meet Stephanie Larson - Founder


I had no idea that birth could make me feel the most exquisite BLISS I've ever felt in my life, not to mention incredibly POWERFUL, but it did!


My first time giving birth I accidentally discovered the KEYS to avoid labor pain and strain, and to ENJOY BIRTH. I wondered, "Why isn't this taught anywhere?" So I created the Dancing For Birth™ Birth Method.


My second time giving birth my birth rights weren't respected, and this turned me into a fierce advocate for YOU. Helping you have a feel-good pregnancy, blissful birth and peaceful postpartum is my life's purpose. You've got this!




“Dancing For Birth™ class has supported me to deeply trust the process of birth, to trust my baby, my body and myself." - HOPE

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