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Classes in Texas:



Camille Siapno, DFB 

Camille Siapno is a Certified Dancing For Birth™ Instructor in Conroe, Texas, USA. Saturdays at 9:30am - 11:00 am. (CT) 

Virtual Classes
Location: Virtual
Language: English & Tagalog
Format: via Zoom
Details and Registration: 641-220-6450 or [email protected]
Contact: Camille at 641-220-6450 or [email protected]

Learn to give birth with ease and bliss! Come solo or with a partner. Practice for labor, and learn all about birth, including how to awaken your birth instincts for a shorter, easier and more satisfying birth. Dancing For Birth™class is your total class for birth-readiness.


Valerie Pedraza, DFB 

Valerie Pedraza is a Certified Dancing For Birth™ Instructor in Houston, Texas, USA
Virtual Classes
Please Contact Valerie for class schedule. 
Language: English
Live on Zoom
Details and Registration:
Contact Valerie: 832-884-9067 Text

Dancing For Birth™ class is your ‘trifecta’ of birth preparation. It’s feel-good prenatal fitness, childbirth education, and celebration of pregnancy, birth, and parenting, all rolled into one amazing class that supports you from pre-conception through postpartum and beyond.

Joanna Zepeda, DFB 

Joanna Zepeda is a Certified Dancing For Birth™ Instructor in Houston, TX. 
In-Person Classes
Saturdays (First Two Saturdays of Every Month) at 10:30am - 12:00pm. 
Location: Heart of Houston Birth & Wellness Center 1210 W Clay St Suite 4, Houston, TX 77019
Language: English
Details and Registration: JZMINDFULBIRTH.COM
Contact Joanna: or 713-298-0838

In Dancing For Birth™ class you will feel completely welcomed and accepted for who you are as an individual. Please share your pronoun and your role in the birth and/or with the baby. If you have any special customs for pregnancy, birth and postpartum we’re happy to help you incorporate them into your experience. Dancing For Birth™ is committed to diversity, inclusion, and cultural awareness and we advocate for human rights, especially in childbirth, including anti-racism and pro-LGBTQIA.