Dancing For Birth presents 
'The Neuroscience of Dance'  - with Guest Expert, Dr. Katerina Kandylaki, Neuroscientist

The science is clear that dance is one of the very best activities for our physical health and also our mental health. Why is this so? What is it about dancing that makes it not only good for our body, but also good for our brain? 


In this presentation, Dr. Katerina Kandylaki will explain the neuroscience of dance, and review scientific studies. She will show the brain networks involved in dance, as well as the numerous benefits of dance practice for the brain, body, and social connection. 


Rhythmic patterns occur all around us, such as sunrise and sunset, music, or even the rhythm behind a catchy slogan. The human body and brain have their own rhythms, such as heartbeat, breathing, and neural oscillations. Can our brain and body rhythms synchronize with external rhythms? If so, what is the optimal synchronization and what can be achieved with it?


Featured Expert - Dr. Katerina Danae Kandylaki

Dr. Katerina Kandylaki is a cognitive neuroscientist and a dance and movement coach.

She has a PhD in the neurobiology of language with continued study in rhythm perception in language and music. She's also a teacher of the modern dance technique “Margaret Morris Movement”. In 2021 she started her own company Dance, Movement, & Breathing, in which she is developing her own embodied practices combining knowledge from neuroscience and dance.

Dr. Kandylaki holds the designation 'Professionally Trained' by Dancing For Birth™, and is in the process of becoming a Certified Dancing For Birth™ Instructor.


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Learn about the science of dance.

'The Neuroscience of Dance'


  • See which brain areas are active when humans are dancing
  • Learn the benefits of dance for brain, body, and social interaction

  • Understand the brain and body rhythms

  • Find out how the synchronization of brain and body rhythms may improve social connectedness

  • 60-minutes plus Q & A

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