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Dancing For Birth™ Level 1 and Level 2

Professional Training and Certification Path

Are you ready to change birth as we know it? What if your pregnant clients didn’t have to suffer hours of labor pain and strain? What if you could spare them from those dreaded words “failure to progress” and “cesarean” after they’ve given it everything they’ve got?

What if, with your help, their birth experiences could be blissful, powerful, and life-changing? What if birth could make them feel more whole, and more ready to care for their baby, instead of depleted or traumatized?

Using the Dancing For Birth™ birth method, you’ll delight your clients, and nurture the spark that led you to birthwork. Teaching Dancing For Birth™ class, you’ll have the joy of providing all three essential aspects of healthy pregnancy and postpartum: childbirth education, fitness, and celebration.

Transform your birth practice with simple moves. Bring bliss and ease to birth for your clients!

The majority of births these days are fraught with long labors, failure to progress, and cesarean births. It doesn't have to be this way! Transform your birth practice in as little as 7 hours. Bring bliss and ease to birth. Eliminate exhaustion, discouragement and burnout. Delight your clients and make a real difference in birth outcomes, and birth culture. 
The Dancing For Birth™ Childbirth Method works in harmony with our human physiological design for birth, to awaken our inherent birth instincts. It reclaims birth as a powerful, transformative experience. Using this birth method and our principles of movement, gravity and instinct, birthing individuals around the world are no longer needing epidurals or experiencing 'failure to progress' and unnecessary cesareans. Instead they are literally dancing their babies out in short, euphoric births.
In this Dancing For Birth™ Professional Training you'll learn the Dancing For Birth™ Childbirth Method and our proven original techniques including 'The Larson Technique' to correct fetal malpositions and flip breech babies, 'The MM Maneuver' to resolve shoulder dystocia', and 'Powerful Woman' to double the pelvic outlet from 10cm to 20cm or more. You can use these techniques in any birth setting—hospital, birth center, and home birth.
On call for births? Our cancellation policy was created with you in mind. You don't have to worry about losing your registration fee if you miss the training. View the policy from our registration page. Do you have two left feet? That's ok! You don't need any prior dance experience. The movements are simple and anyone can do them. You will feel right at home among others who also wouldn't describe themselves as 'dancers'. 

Dancing For Birth™ Birth Method

Scientifically proven:

◉ Shorter Births

Fewer Cesarean Births

 Less Labor Pain

 Higher Birth Satisfaction

 Higher Apgar Scores 

Increase your skillset for assisting pregnant, birthing, and postpartum families.

At the conclusion of this training you'll have:


✓  Earned the designation "Dancing For Birth™ Professionally Trained" 
  Received the corresponding Professionally Trained Seal to display (pictured below) 
  Learned Dancing For Birth™ philosophy, techniques and birth method
  Gained permission to use Dancing For Birth™ philosophy, techniques and birth method to assist families during labor and birth
  Earned up to 14 Contact Hours from Dancing For Birth™ and Oregon Nurses Association (ONA), Accepted by many RN, Doula, Midwifery, and CBE organizations 
  Become eligible* to apply for Dancing For Birth™ Certification (DFB) to teach Dancing For Birth™ parent class for Pre-conception, Prenatal, and Postpartum (*once you have attended both level 1 and level 2)

Registration Details

Training Location:
Hollywood, FL 
Street Address TBA
Level 1 Date and Time:
July 22, 2023 9:30 - 5:30 PM
Break 12:30 - 1:30 PM 
 7 hours Total

Level 2 Date and Time:
(Pre-Requisite Level 1)
July 23, 2023 9:30 - 5:30 PM
Break 12:30 - 1:30 PM 
7 hours Total

Level 1-2 Combined Date and Time:
July 22-23, 2023 9:30 - 5:30 PM 
Break 12:30 - 1:30 PM
14 hours Total

Register with Confidence
 You'll have a credit towards another training date, less an admin fee, if you cannot attend. On call for births? Our admin fee is waived if you miss while at a birth, or if you are diagnosed with Covid. 
Date or time not working for you? Check our Training Schedule. 

Grant Opportunities 

 BIPOC Grant 
LGBTQIA+ Grant  

For a flexible payment plan, e-mail us

  Who Should Attend?

Aspiring and experienced pregnancy, birth, and postpartum professionals; Hospital and birth center educators, administrators and policy makers; Wellness and movement practitioners and instructors; Those with a passion to support empowered pregnancy, birth, and parenting.


"I have absolutely enjoyed this course! I find the information is refreshing. It just makes you feel so energized."

-  Rebekah Lewis, Nurse

"I loved my HypnoBirthing and Lamaze and Dona trainings. However, this one could have replaced all three!”

- Dove Raina Elbers, CD (DONA), LCCE, HBCE

“The most profound training I have experienced in my years as a professional Obstetric RN, IBCLC and LCCE. New and dynamic!”

- Irene Schaefer, RN, IBCLC, LCCE, DFB

Included with your Registration:

DFB Manual e-book

Certificate of Completion

Inclusion in DFB Private Facebook Group

Designation: Professionally Trained (and corresponding seal)

 (Includes permission to utilize the DFB™ Birth Method to assist others in labor) 

 Up to 14 CEUs from DFB™

 Up to 14 RN Contact Hours from ONA

 (Accepted by most Doula, CBE, Nurse and Midwifery organizations)

 Eligibility to apply for DFB™ Certification*

(Certification includes license to teach Dancing For Birth™ parent class for Pre-conception, Prenatal, and Postpartum)

*To be eligible you must complete both level 1 and level 2 training. Certification requires a Certification Process and an additional fee.

Learning Highlights  

  • "Birth I.N.S.T.I.N.C.T.S" to support primal birth physiology 
  • "Powerful Woman" to open the pelvic outlet as much as double
  • "MM Maneuver" to avoid/resolve shoulder dystocia 
  • "The Larson Technique" to re-align malpositioned fetus
  • Health benefits and evidence for utilizing dance during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum
  • Moves to help facilitate birth and which you should avoid 

So Many Ways to Apply this New Skillset

Utilize the effective and evidence-based Dancing For Birth™ childbirth method. Support birthing individuals with more ways to cope in labor and get baby into position.

Use our innovative original techniques to serve birthing families and grow your practice. Help your hospital or birth center reduce cesareans and achieve perinatal quality goals. 

Optionally, get Certified to teach Dancing For Birth™ Class. Provide fitness, education, and support circle in an all-in-one weekly class. It's also a great way for midwives and OBs to provide group prenatal care.

Dancing For Birth™ Certification

Imagine being able to gather with all of your pregnant and postpartum clients as a group on a regular basis, during Dancing For Birth™ Class. You'll build rapport and get extra teaching time with them, to ensure that they're birth-ready, and confident about parenting. They'll bond as a community, and support each other. With your mentorship as a Dancing For Birth™ Certified Instructor, they'll have the best possible preparation for birth and parenting, and will receive postpartum support in your DFB™ class on a ongoing basis after their babies are born.

Acclaimed Training - 14 Total CEUs Awarded for Level 1-2

Dancing For Birth™ is an approved provider of continuing education for professionals who work with pregnant and new families. Most doula, midwife, nurse and childbirth educator organizations accept our contact hours. Contact hours are awarded after successful completion of the Dancing For Birth™ Professional Level 1, Level 2, or Combined Level 1-2 Training. This nursing continuing professional development activity has been approved by Oregon Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.

Early Registration 

Early registration price ends on June 22, 2023

Level 1


Professional Training (Prerequisite: None)

  • Level 1 Manual (e-book)
  • Level 1 Portal Access
  • 7 CEUs from DFB™ 
  • 7 Contact Hours from ONA 
  • Certificate of Completion
  • DFB™ Private FB Group Membership
  • DFB™ Professionally Trained Seal for your Website



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Best Value: Combined Level 1 & Level 2


Professional Training AND Certification Training (Prerequisite: None)

  • Both Trainings
  • Level 1 Manual (e-book)
  • Level 2 Manual (e-book)
  • Level 1 Portal Access
  • Level 2 Portal Access
  • 14 CEUs from DFB™
  • 14 Contact Hours from ONA
  • Certificate of Completion
  • DFB™ Private FB Group Membership
  • DFB™ Professionally Trained Seal for your Website
  • Eligibility to apply for DFB™ Certification


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Level 2


Certification Training (Prerequisite: Level 1)

  • Level 2 Manual (e-book)
  • Level 2 Portal Access
  • 7 CEUs from DFB™
  • 7 Contact Hours from ONA
  • Certificate of Completion
  • DFB™ Private FB Group Membership
  • DFB™ Professionally Trained Seal for your Website
  • Eligibility to apply for DFB™ Certification
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Find the Right Training Level for You

Level 1:  There are no pre-requisites for Level 1, but if you are not a birth professional, purchase  'Birth Basics' ($19.99) during registration. After completing Level 1, you will have earned our designation and corresponding seal: Dancing For Birth™ Professionally Trained. You will also be able to utilize the Dancing For Birth™ childbirth method to assist your clients/patients during labor and birth. After completing Level 1 you are eligible to attend Level 2 training (within 6 months of Level 1).

Level 2: This level is for individuals who desire to become Certified by Dancing For Birth™.  The prerequisite is having attended Level 1 within the past six months. After completing Level 2 training you will be eligible to apply for Certification. Certified Instructors are licensed to teach Dancing For Birth™ prenatal/postpartum class to pregnant and new parents. It's a childbirth education class, prenatal/postpartum fitness class, and mom/parent circle, all-in-one. After successful certification, you will have earned the credential: DFB and the corresponding Certified Instructor seal.

Level 1 and Level 2 trainings may be taken separately or as a combined training.

Level 3: Certified Instructors with a minimum of one year of experience are eligible for consideration to become Certified Trainers. Trainers are licensed to teach Dancing For Birth™ Professional Training to Professionals. Trainer training is by-invite-only. You must be recommended by your trainer or nominate yourself for consideration.

What's Dancing For Birth™?


Dancing For Birth™ is an evidence-based childbirth method with a 20+ year history of efficacy. Our techniques help shorten labor, resolve failure to progress, reduce cesarean births, reduce labor pain, avoid shoulder dystocia, support natural physiological birth and increase birth satisfaction for birthing families and birth professionals.

Certified Dancing For Birth™ Instructors teach weekly Dancing For Birth™ class—the “trifecta” of birth preparation: prenatal/postnatal fitness, childbirth education, and celebration, in one. It's currently offered on six continents worldwide.

Dancing For Birth™ was founded by Stephanie Larson, USA’s National Birth Hero (One World Birth Award), mom of four, experienced birth doula and childbirth educator.


About Your Trainer

Nikki Smith, DFBT, DFB, PHDc, MSN, RNC, LCCE has been a professional nurse for the past 18 years. Nikki is a Certified Dancing For Birth™ Instructor and Certified Dancing For Birth™ Trainer. Nikki holds a bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Florida International University and another in Medical Technology from Florida Atlantic University. She hold a Master's in Nursing with a focus in holistic practices and is currently pursuing her doctorate in Nursing philosophy. Her nursing career began at Memorial Regional Hospital as a floor nurse where she worked at various times in the NICU, Newborn nursery, maternity units. Nikki holds certifications in childbirth education, breastfeeding education and infant massage. Her passion lies in her work with women, particularly mothers, utilizing movement and dance modalities that facilitate healing, transformation and co-creation of positive outcomes for the health of women and their newborns. 

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